The format for this course includes a classroom portion (Saturday) and a field session (Sunday). There will be an examination that each student must pass to become certified.  If successful in passing the certification exam, there will be a $50 charge payable to California North Referee Association (CNRA) that you can pay ahead of time with a credit card online at the time of registration (preferred) or bring a check/cash to the Course.

Here are the local Entry Level Referee Courses that can be found on cnra.gameofficials.net right now.

Course #
#25765    Redding Youth Soccer League
The Redding Class has been Rescheduled due to the Carr Fire.  Here are the new dates:​
Saturday, September 15    9am to 5pm   University Prep School
Sunday, September 16      8am to 12am  California Soccer Park (formerly Redding Soccer Park)
Contact:  Don Chin  refcoord@reddingsoccer.com

#25914    Anderson Youth Soccer League
The Anderson Class has been cancelled due to lack of interest    

#26124    Red Bluff Youth Soccer League
​Saturday, August 18    9am - 5pm    Red Bluff High School
Sunday, August 19    9am - 1pm
Contact:  Stephen Bronze  sbronzee@gmail.com


  1. Go to the website   cnra.gameofficials.net
  2. On the left, select   Sign Up For Course
  3. Select   Grade 8 Entry Level Course - Online, Classroom and Field Session
  4. Look through the list of classes for one in your area.  On the far right you will see how many have registered for the course and the maximum number of students.
  5. Select the blue course number. 
  6. The Course Information screen will have the class details and contact information.  Write this down.  Then select the link to register.
  7. At this point you will need to create an account (if you don't already have one)
  8. You may be asked for a Grade/age override code.  Check your course information above for that.  If it is not there, check with the contact person.
  The format for this course has changed compared to years past. There is now an online component (approximately 3-4 hours) consisting of 14 instructional videos, associated chapter quizzes, and a 50 question final exam.  These must ALL be completed prior to the in-person Classroom (8 hours) and Field (4 hours) sessions .   You will have two chances to pass the online final exam.  If you are successful, there is no exam at the Course; if you are not successful after two online attempts, you must retake the exam during the classroom course portion.  There is also a mandatory 4-hr field session scheduled the day following the classroom session.  At this point you will receive your certificate and referee patch.