District IX - California Youth Soccer Association

Walt Zinko Playing League

The Playing League for all Traveling Age Teams In District IX

The purpose of the District IX Playing League is to facilitate inter-league play between member leagues within District IX and with leagues from such other districts as approved by the District Commissioners and CYSA where the individual leagues cannot field enough teams to form their own leagues or where it is desirable that a multi-district league be formed to provide sufficient competition for teams and players.

WZPL Schedules & Information

Current playing schedules and team information can be found at: http://wzpl.soccerez.com

Red Card Procedures & Information

Information for coaches and referees

Please review the "Policies, Procedures & Rules for the WZPL. Article 7, and Appendix #1 deals with matters concerning PAD. Any team that is playing in the WZPL, U12 and up, falls under this article. You may download this off of the WZPL website.

Please keep in mind the following:

  1. All red cards will have an automatic one game suspension for a player and three game automatic suspension for a coach.
  2. Referees must send me the ejection report correctly completed and player pass. The committee relies heavily on the ejection report from the referee, so take some time in writing this. This must be done asap so the process can begin.
  3. Per the rules, the PAD committee may meet via phone or in person.
  4. Players and coaches have the right to a formal PAD meeting / Hearing.
  5. For a suspension of two or more games the player must have the "blue card" signed off by the referee.
  6. This card is then returned to me. I will hold the player pass until suspension is completed.
  7. The PAD Committee will use the guidelines for suspension as outlined in the CYSA Team Manual.
  8. Again, please read and review the WZPL rules.
  9. It is the responsibility of the league presidents to pass this information on to their coaches.
  10. It is my desire to have the player back on the field, as soon as his/her suspension is served. If it is convent, I don't mind bringing the player pass to the field before the game. I will also have a PAD "mail box" on my front porch for use if I am not home. Let's work together to make this happen quickly.
  11. I will be calling league presidents to serve on the PAD committee. League vice presidents and District Board Members may also serve on the PAD. None may be a party to the PAD.


PAD Chair
P. O. Box 381
Los Molinos, CA 96055

Email: socr@thepinnells.net

Important Information

Playing League Rules, Policies & Procedures (right-click to download pdf)

League Representatives

Listed below are your League Administrators. They are responsible for entering coach and team information for each season. They are responsible for making sure each team has an e-mail contact.

ANDERSONJames Crandallayslpresident@gmail.com
CORNINGTina Saaveda530-586-9098
LASSEN COUNTYWalt Zinko530-257-9358
PALO CEDROBeve Mills530-275-1118
RED BLUFFStephen Bronze530-736-0309
REDDINGJohn Stappfields@reddingsoccer.com
SISKIYOU COUNTYPam Hansen926-4100
TRINITY COUNTYJohn Knight623-5740