District IX - California Youth Soccer Association

Information for District IX teams wishing to attend tournaments

Beginning May 1, you may send your tournament application(s) to the District IX Tournament Coordinator. To apply for any CYSA sanctioned tournament, go to the CYSA website to make sure there have been no changes made to the tournament such as tournament director's address, age groups, etc. and complete the Tournament Application. Then mail to the District IX Tournament Coordinator:

  1. Two tournament application forms (original and a copy)
  2. Attach a check for the entry fee made out to the tournament
  3. Enclose two stamped envelopes (one addressed to the Tournament Director, one to yourself).
  4. If your tournament application is rejected and you are applying to another, you must attach a copy of your rejection letter/email.
  5. Please do not send them "Return Receipt Requested" because all of us work too and we cannot get to the post office until the weekend.

Tournament Forms & Instructions

How to create the perfect tournament application (right-click to download pdf)

How to create travel papers (right-click to download pdf)